Intuitive Surgical

Talent: Camille Grammar

Project: Keynote speech and participation in a meet & greet.

Achievement: Intuitive Surgical is the maker of the DaVinci robotics which is utilized in gynecological surgeries.

It was holding an internal sales meeting and wanted as a keynote speaker, who had personally undergone the DaVinci surgery, to share their experience with the attendees.

DLB secured Camille Grammar of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” who had suffered from endometrial cancer and had undergone successful DaVinci surgery.

Grammar’s account of her journey (in a Q&A format) added a powerful element to the corporate gathering.

Harley Pasternak

Hass Avocado Board

Talent: Harley Pasternak

PR Firm: PadillaCRT

Project: National and local media interviews, SMT, RMT and social media posts.

Achievement: PadillaCRT and the Hass Avocado Board looked to DLB for suggestions of recognizable celebrity fitness trainers to participate in their “Love One Today” avocado campaign.

DLB identified Harley Pasternak who was eager to promote the many health benefits of the avocado during the sixteen month program and Pasternak utilized his strong social media following to engage and educate consumers by frequently featuring Hass avocados in his fitness and nutritional tips.


Talent: Dr. Holly Lucille

PR Firm: Kwittken

Project: SMT, media interviews, social posts.

Achievement: Matrixx Initiatives (through its PR firm, Kwittken) was activating a year-long campaign for its product, Zicam Cold Remedy Nasal Swabs.

The goal was to identify an expert in the field of integrated medicine to help launch the completely reformulated Nasal Swabs product line, communicating the key messaging that the product is beneficial in getting over a cold faster.

We secured Dr. Holly Lucille, an accomplished naturopathic doctor who did an exceptional job educating consumers on this Zicam product.

Elmhurst Hospital

Talent: Matt Forte

PR Firm: The Meetinghouse Companies, Inc.

Project: Personal appearance.

Achievement: Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare, a non-profit community hospital was hosting an educational event, “ Sports Safety Sunday”.

The purpose of this community event was to promote the new ER capabilities and educate the area residents on the vast services available at the hospital.

The hospital’s marketing team looked to DLB for recommendations of prominent Chicago-based athletes who could speak about the importance of safety equipment, stretching, going to your physician or ER if injured, and staying healthy.

We suggested Matt Forte, star runningback of the Chicago Bears who drew hundreds of community residents and their children to the event. In addition to his comments on stage, Forte participated in autograph signing and picture taking.

Manisha Thakor


Talent: Manisha Thakor

PR Firm: HK Strategies

Project: National and local media interviews, SMT, RMT and blog posts.

Achievement: HK Strategies retained DLB to provide suggestions of female financial experts who specifically supported the issue of voluntary insurance for this Aflac program.

DLB researched over a hundred financial experts and recommended fifteen that were spot-on with the criteria the marketing team outlined. We ultimately secured Manisha Thakor, a prominent financial specialist and Thakor served as “the face” of this year-long educational program.

Amy Grant

St. Joseph’s/Candler Health System

Talent: Amy Grant

Project: Keynote speech at an annual fundraising event.

Achievement: Once again, DLB was tasked with identifying a powerful and passionate women influencer for St. Joseph/Candler’s annual fundraising gala. We suggested and secured Grammy award-winner Amy Grant whose presence drew more than 2000 women…the largest audience in the luncheon’s history.

Grant was so taken by the audience that she grabbed her guitar for an impromptu performance.


Foster Farms

Talent: Aida Mollenkamp

PR Firm: Fineman PR

Project: Local market media tour in Los Angeles and San Francisco, SMT and recipe development.

Achievement: For Foster Farm’s “The Humane Table” program, Fineman PR had a very specific request of DLB.

We needed to identify an accomplished female Chef who lived in Los Angeles or San Francisco and who supported the cause of humanely-raised chickens.
Through DLB’s extensive database, we were able to recommend over a dozen candidates who matched the key criteria and ultimately secured Aida Mollenkamp of The Food Network, who successfully launched the program.
Mollenkamp so effectively communicated the key message points that Foster Farms requested additional service days.

John O'Hurley

Sunovion Pharmaceuticals

Talent: John O’Hurley

Project: Educational content on Epilepsy.

Achievement: Conrad Productions was producing an educational DVD and companion booklet on living with Epilepsy. They wanted a celebrity to participate on camera to share their experience of being a care giver for a loved one who was living with the disease.

DLB’s healthcare database pointed us to John O’Hurley from “Seinfeld” fame, whose sister courageously lives with Epilepsy.

O’Hurley was passionate and poignant while communicating his personal story and that of his sister, and was a terrific ambassador to spread awareness about the treatment and care of Epilepsy.

Andie McDowell

Intuitive Surgical

Talent: Andie MacDowell

Project: SMT, ANR, personal appearances and use of name/likeness in a marketing tool kit.

Achievement: Intuitive Surgical reached out to DLB for recommendations of female celebrities who had a connection to gynecological cancers and conditions for its Women’s Health Initiative.

DLB was able to identify Andie MacDowell, who having dealt with losing a dear friend to ovarian cancer, was a passionate advocate for women taking initiative on their health issues. Andie was so well-received by many hospitals throughout the country that participated in this program, Intuitive Surgical had DLB negotiate an extension with MacDowell for a second year.

Alex Guarnaschelli


Talent: Chef Alex Guarnaschelli

PR Firm: Access Emanate Communications

Project: Video, media interviews, judge of final “Cook-off competition”.

Achievement: Safeway and its agency Access Communications requested a female celebrity chef (who was also a mom) to showcase in its “Cook Off Competition” and help promote the Safeway brand.

The chef needed to have strong communication skills and also a fun, lively personality. Based on that criteria, DLB recommended and secured Food Network Chef Alex Guarnaschelli who brought her “Chopped” judging skills and engaging presence to this successful program.

Ronnie Lott


Talent: Ronnie Lott

Project: Keynote speech for an internal sales meeting.

Achievement: Genentech’s marketing team had very specific parameters for the speaker who would be the key draw for an internal event.

The theme of Genentech’s program was “consistency”, which emphasized how a company can year after year, excel and remain a leader in their field.

Here was the ask of DLB: DLB was to provide recommendations of current or former athletes who had won three or more championships (i.e., Super Bowls, NBA Finals); the athlete needed to be a strong speaker and fall within the budget. And, the kicker was the Genentech team needed the recommendations within 5 hours.

Because of our expertise and extensive database, DLB was able to propose 42 athletes who fulfilled this specific criteria, and we ultimately secured Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott of the San Francisco 49ers who did a phenomenal job.

Olympia Dukakis


Talent: Olympia Dukakis

Project: Educational content on High Cholesterol.

Achievement: Amgen wanted to educate consumers about the importance of managing high cholesterol levels and was looking to identify a female celebrity who suffers from high cholesterol for an awareness campaign.

Through DLB’s extensive database, we identified and secured legendary actress Olympia Dukakis who shared her personal experience in dealing with this condition in an educational guidebook and DVD which is distributed through Amgen’s website, physician offices, clinics and educational trade shows.

Holly Robinson Peete

National Center for Families Learning

Talent: Holly Robinson Peete

Project: Keynote speech for annual conference in Washington, DC.

Achievement: DLB was charged with recommending speakers who could deliver an informative and passionate speech encouraging families to read and learn together.

The conference had a tight budget, so we needed to identify celebrities who were passionate about this issue and would be “open” to accepting a slightly lower fee than what they normally commanded. Our recommendation of Holly Robinson Peete was on target, as Peete, who has a special needs child, gave a powerful speech around her family’s experience of learning together.

Peete not only accepted a fee that was a bit lower then usual, she offered to provide additional services to the organization as she was so impressed with their mission.

Dr Jennifer Ashton

Joseph’s/Candler Health Systems, Inc.

Talent: Dr. Jennifer Ashton

Project: Keynote speech for the annual “Smart Women’s Luncheon & Expo”.

Achievement: For the fourth straight year, St. Joseph’s/Candler Hospital looked to DLB for suggestions of keynote speakers for its annual fundraising luncheon.

Our recommendation of Dr. Jennifer Ashton of ABC News strongly resonated with the 1800 attendees resulting in one of the most successful fundraisers for the hospital to date.

Lynn Sherr


Talent: Lynn Sherr

Project: educational content on Colon cancer.

Achievement: Amgen was looking for a celebrity with a connection to colon cancer to participate in an educational video.

DLB recommended Lynn Sherr, a prominent journalist and colon cancer survivor, who shared her personal experience with the disease.

Christine Cushing

World Society for the Protection of Animals

Talent: Chef Christine Cushing

PR Firm: APCO Worldwide

Project: Video, recipe development, media interviews and social media posts.

Achievement: PR firm APCO Worldwide asked DLB to identify chefs who were well-known and popular in both Canada and the U.S. In addition, the chef needed to support the cause of only using cage-free chickens. DLB recommended over a dozen chefs that fulfilled that criteria and Christine Cushing of Food Network Canada, was selected.

Cushing delivered key message points around how consumers and restaurants should always inquiry into whether the eggs they were buying were from cage-free chickens and additional services were requested of Cushing.

Jennie Finch


Talent: Jennie Finch

Project: Educational content on Atopic Dermatitis.

Achievement: Sanofi/Regeneron was jointly sponsoring a patient awareness campaign for Atopic Dermatitis and desired a female celebrity/athlete who suffered from the skin condition to participate in video content.

DLB’s expansive database yielded 10 on-target recommendations and we secured Olympic gold-medalist Jennie Finch who has the ailment for this two-year campaign.

Marilu Henner

St. Joseph’s/Candler Health System

Talent: Marilu Henner

Project: Keynote address

Achievement: St. Joseph’s/Candler Hospital was looking for a recognizable, compelling woman to present a keynote address for their annual Smart Women’s Luncheon. Over 1800 women attend this luncheon so the speaker needed to have strong speaking skills and an interesting message that the diverse audience would find relatable.

DLB recommended Marilu Henner who captivated the audience with her great story telling and life experiences and attendees commented that Henner was one of the most entertaining speakers they had ever heard.

Darrell Green

The American Thoracic Society

Talent: Darrell Green

Project: Educational content on COPD.

Achievement: The producers of the awareness campaign desired a sports star who had a family connection to the health condition, COPD.

Through DLB’s database, we identified NFL Hall of Fame inductee Darrell Green of the Washington Redskins, whose Aunt died from this disease. Green participated on-camera (in an interview format) and passionately communicated the key messaging of COPD care and treatment.

Donnica Moore


Talent: Dr. Donnica Moore

PR Firm: MSLGroup

Project: SMT.

Achievement: MSLGroup asked DLB to identify a physician who was media savvy and could also speak to the effects if any, between consuming grapefruit and the interaction of certain medications.

DLB made strategic suggestions of more than 12 physicians who fit the media savvy criteria and then researched which ones supported the efforts of educating consumers around safe practices of food consumption and medication.

DLB strongly recommended women’s health expert Dr. Donnica Moore and MSLGroup had us secure her for the SMT. Dr. Moore did such a great job communicating the message points and being a credible spokesperson, Sunkist had DLB extend her agreement to participate in a second SMT.