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Brita and brand ambassador Steph Curry tackle Cyberbullying

More and more brands are structuring their spokesperson deals with celebrities and athletes to include a social cause, especially as consumers are quite vocal that they choose products based upon a company’s social footprint. So when Brita partnered with the non-profit Cybersmile Foundation, which focuses on eliminating cyberbullying, it was a great move to utilize…

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Why Charles Barkley should get a big bonus from Capital One.

Capital One owns the marketing air waves during March Madness with its ubiquitous and hilarious commercials for the Quicksilver card. The campaign stars Charles Barkley, Samuel L. Jackson and Spike Lee but let’s admit it – Barkley is the star of the show. Kudos to the writers, but if it wasn’t for Barkley, the spots…

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Why is Matt Damon endorsing Belgian beer brand Stella Artois?

A-list actor Matt Damon certainly doesn’t need the paycheck nor additional notoriety that comes with being a brand spokesperson. So, why did Damon decide to pitch beer maker Stella Artois? The answer is simple.  Damon could draw attention to his personal cause through this marketing campaign. Damon has been working for years to bring clean…

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Why is Nike paying Cristiano Ronaldo $1 billion dollars?

Cristiano Ronaldo won’t have to worry about his stream of income once his football playing days are over for Real Madrid. Ronaldo recently inked a lifetime deal with Nike (only the third such deal after LeBron James and Michael Jordan) which reportedly will pay him $1 billion over his lifetime (yes, that’s “billion”) Although Ronaldo…

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Is Shaq one of the most appealing endorsers?

My vote is a resounding yes! Since retiring from the NBA five years ago, Shaquille O’Neal has become one of the most charming, captivating and prolific brand spokespersons (move over Peyton Manning). And here’s why. Shaq possesses key attributes that brands look for in celebrity endorsers: Instant recognition – At 7’1”, Shaq’s stature and dazzling…

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James Harden and Adidas – giving us lots of “creativity”.

NBA superstar James Harden’s new commercial for Adidas has all the attitude we’ve come to expect from this brand partnership. Adidas has been running a series of commercials that feature “create” in the title and in the current spot, Harden freezes time and poses the question of “what if basketball had no creativity”? Quick-edited examples then play out of…

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