Who is DLB?

We’re an idea shop.

We provide smart and strategic recommendations of celebrities,
athletes and influencers for marketing campaigns and special events.

We handle all the details to secure the talent.

We submit a comprehensive offer to get the “yes”; negotiate and finalize the legal agreement;
and arrange all travel and program logistics.

a celebrity, athlete, influencer procurement firm

Why DLB?

We know our stuff.

We’ve been securing talent for a long time. That’s important in this business.
We recommend the most strategic talent; counsel on what to pay the talent; and structure the essential legal documents.

We work for the companies, PR firms, digital agencies and non-profits – not the talent.

That’s key. Our focus is on meeting our client’s objectives, protecting their interests and saving them money.

You’ll like working with us.

Our team is accessible and responsive.
Oh yea. We’re nice too.


for talent ideas

Adding talent to a campaign or event increases brand awareness, attracts the media and generates excitement – But it must be the right talent.

We provide recommendations of celebrities and influencers that strategically align with the program goals.

We ensure the talent appeals to the target audience, possesses the appropriate skills to successfully execute the services and falls within budget.

of talent fees

Talent fees vary depending upon services needed and current status, achievement and buzz-factor of the talent.

There is no such things as a “day rate”.
We understand this.

We provide valuable counsel on what to pay the talent to ensure our clients maximize the program services and their budget.

on legal agreements

We provide the valuable service to brands, agencies and non-profits of negotiating and drafting all necessary offer letters and agreements.

We protect our client’s interests by clearly defining the talent’s services and including crucial provisions for Exclusivity, Term of Use and Termination.

We’ve structured thousands of talent agreements and make sure it’s done right.

public relations, advertising and digital campaigns • personal appearances
keynote speeches • fundraising and non-profit programs • national media tours • launch events

Helen Mirren
Best use of a celebrity in Super Bowl 50 commercial.

There were approximately 40 TV commercials that featured celebrities (on-camera, sound-tracks) during Super Bowl 50. Some celebrity ads were quite funny like Christopher Walken for KIA sitting in the “walken” closet.  Others sadly, were not so funny (apologizes to Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen fans, but their Bud Light spot fell flat). Anheuser-Busch however redeemed…

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Endorsement torch being passed from Peyton to Cam.

  Who will win Super Bowl 50 is anyone’s guess – but one certainty is that the world-wide stage will add to Cam Newton’s endorsement appeal and bank account. Before the start of this season, an ESPN report had Peyton as the NFL #1 endorser with Cam close behind at #2 (Peyton’s 12 million to…

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Adam V photos
Brands should be kicking down Adam Vinatieri’s endorsement door.

For those of you not familiar with Adam Vinatieri, he’s a placekicker with the Indianapolis Colts and at 43, the oldest player in the NFL. That’s impressive in and of itself in a sport where the median age is 26. But, Vinatieri is also at the top of his game. This year he’s made 89.5%…

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Enough about us.

We want to hear about your needs.

Contact us with your talent needs on upcoming marketing campaigns
and special events.


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